Yorkie Home is an amazing company to do business with. They offered us an experience that took away all the worries and doubts that no other Breeder we’ve talked to in our area could offer. They guarantee us a health pet with no problems for the same money no other Breeder would give us. They also included All the things a puppy would need from day one. They also included a kennel for him to start off in. He got a check ups with a veterinarian before, During and at delivery.


Vancouver Canada

We found our fur baby and he's amazing. He's just perfect. The process dealing with you guys has been such a positive experience from the phone calls, emails, travel updates on our pup and follow-up. I couldn't be happier with them! Our baby is healthy and happy, and we look forward to an amazing future with him. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a healthy and happy puppy as a new addition to their family.


Louisville Ky

Finding our perfect puppy was super easy and I never had to leave home. Knowing the breeders on the platform were already strenuously vetted made me feel at ease as well. Puppy came to me healthy, clean, and relatively unstressed. The communication since delivery has also been great.


Hartford Michigan

I am not very easy to deal with, sometimes I don’t even like dealing with myself. Your team did a fantastic job from start to finish. We are completely pleased with Nunu, she is a fantastic puppy and is having a wonderful time.The Vet we use in this town said she had never seen better organized paperwork, shots and already and her micro chip. Thanks again!


Atlanta GA

Getting a puppy for my daughter was a wonderful experience! It was easy and stress free. Your representative was very helpful and informative. I was worried about buying a puppy that I hadn’t seen in person, but she looks just like her pictures! Her breeder reached out to us the day we got her and answered any questions we had. We are all completely in love with our new puppy and would recommend to anyone!

- Tenisha Myles -

Woodmere, New York

Emmy is the second Teacup Yorkie puppy we found. He is now 4 years old. He has been a great dog. Tommy was the agent that helped us find Emmy. She is very smart, cute, energetic, sweet little baby girl. She is now 4 months old ,and she has won the hearts of all our family. Her transport here was great.

- Linda Gaines -

Cullman Alabama

My family and I recently purchased ”adopted” our wonderful Teacup Yorkie puppy from Haven Teacup Yorkies. From the moment we met Haven Teacup Yorkies, we knew we had come to the right place. Being proud owners of Yorkie for over 20 years, we could immediately tell that Haven Teacup Puppies have a profound love for the breed.

- Steve Naylor -

Columbus, OH

I got my Teacup Yorkie from Haven Teacup Puppies. He is healthy and incredible. Haven Teacup Puppies is amazing and always polite and truly love all of their puppies. The location is clean and welcoming. You can tell all of their puppies are well cared for, at all times.

- Raul Banuelos -

Scottsdale AZ


Teacup Yorkies are affectionate dogs. They love to be loved and respond well to affection from people. Teacup Yorkies are also affectionate with their owners and love to be around people. While these dogs are affectionate, they become nervous when left alone for extended periods.

Yorkshire Terriers are energetic and quite curious. They are always ready to play, and if you own one, you know that they are always ready to bark. Yes, they bark a lot, can be pretty loud, aggressive, and make you feel very annoyed in very little time.